Ideal Design Features For A Water Refill Station

21 December 2022
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Renting a portable water refill station for your event will ensure that your attendees have easy access to hydration — something that is especially important when you expect the weather conditions to be hot. Event rental companies commonly have a selection of water refill stations, so you'll be able to check out a few models and decide which will be the right fit for your event. It's a good idea to look for a product that features at least some of the following features, as they'll unquestionably come in handy at your event.

Water Fountains

Portable water refill stations are equipped with a number of spouts that people use to fill water bottles. It's important to realize, however, that not everyone at your event may have brought a water bottle with them. For such individuals, access to water fountains can be valuable. You'll see several different models of water refill stations that have one or more water fountains built into them. These fountains dispense water from the same water supply as the spouts, but provide a drinking option for event attendees who don't have bottles.

Lower Spouts

You'll also see water refill stations that have spouts positioned at different heights. While adults might be comfortable using the higher spouts, they can often be too high for children. If you expect that you'll have children at your event, it's nice to choose a station that provides lower spouts for them to use. Lots of kids will be excited about the idea of easily refilling their own bottles, rather than having to enlist the help of their parents.

Caster Wheels

Many water refill stations come with large caster wheels beneath them, which makes them far easier to move than stations that don't have wheels. While two or more people might be able to lift a wheel-less station to move it around an outdoor venue, this task could be physically difficult. When you rent a refill station that has wheels, it's possible that one person may be able to push the device from one location to another on their own. When your organizing team is busy with various tasks in advance of the event, it's handy when one person can deal with the water refill station instead of having to enlist the help of others. To learn more about event water refill stations and assess a few models to find the best one for your upcoming event, visit an event rental company.