Food Packaging Equipment For Manufacturing Plants

27 December 2022
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Weighing equipment, fill seal machinery, and vacuum sealers are essential pieces of packaging equipment that are utilized in food plants. Learn how these types of machines will cut back on production efforts, plus will ensure that food products do not become contaminated.

Weighing Equipment

A check scale is a machine that measures individual portions as they pass through a conveyor system. This type of machinery is capable of weighing multiple batches quickly. An automated machine will portion out food and transfer it to a scale apparatus. If a portion is improperly-sized, it will not pass through the weighing station.

The use of this type of machine will improve the consistency of products that are going to be bagged or boxed. As a result of using a scale apparatus, all of the products that leave your place of business will be equivalent. Providing clients with consistent products is an important part of keeping your clients satisfied with the merchandise that you sell to them.

Fill Seal Machinery

A fill seal machine performs two important packaging duties. First, it adds a product to the inside of a foil or plastic bag. Next, it seals the bag. The quick process of adding food to a bag and sealing it will prevent food from being exposed to contaminants that could make food unsafe for consumption. The use of this type of equipment will not require a food operator to manually place their hands on raw or cooked food products.

Workers who oversee the use of this type of equipment will be in charge of turning on the equipment and adjusting the speed at which food products are bagged and sealed. Upon the completion of the fill seal machinery process, food products will be ready to be added to crates, corrugated boxes, and other packaging materials that are essential for transporting and shipping products.

Vacuum Sealer Machinery

A vacuum sealer is a piece of machinery that will prevent air from coming into contact with food products. Dehydrated vegetables, meats, and fruits will benefit from being placed inside of a vacuum-sealed package. A vacuum sealer will contain a blade and will require the use of a special type of plastic or film. As food passes along on a conveyor system and has been weighed, a food operator will be responsible for placing the food inside of a bag and using the heat sealer and blade to effectively vacuum seal the package that contains the food.

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